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Creativity Kits for Kids

Free Your Doodle

Free Your Doodle

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For some, the idea of becoming an artist feels daunting. Free Your Doodle grids help keep it simple. Learn to harness your inner artist by first learning to be free within the fundamentals of design. 

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What you need to know:

What is included

• 60 Unique Creature Stencil Shapes
• 1 Spiral Bound Book - Story Ready
• 20 Landscapes (Individual Sheets)
• Water Soluable Ink Pad - 6 colors
• 6 Finger Daubers
• 1 Black Doodle Pen

Return Policy

We are a startup, just getting our feet on the ground, and are currently not accepting returns on products sold. All Sales Final. But we would appreciate constructive feebdack if there is a reason for you wanting to return the product, which you can email to:


Creature Stories was designed around the principle that if you give a child an initial boundary to work within, they will be inspired to fill in the space by adding to it. Versus give them a white canvas with infinite possibilities they will likley feel more intimitated to engage.

Your kid's first book.

Watch your child be inspired as they illustrate & write their first book.

Endless Possibilities

Combine the stencil shapes in endless ways. Use a shape for a head or a body, then add it to another shape to create your creature.

Doodle Away

Mix and match the stencil shapes, then doodle on top to bring your creature to life.