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Creativity Kits for Kids

PopUp Shop

PopUp Shop

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Coming Soon. 

Set up your own shop. Lemonade stand, bake sale, craft shop, holiday gifts, art stand, whatever you envision. Decorate your perfect pop-up shop and make your creative dream a reality. 

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What you need to know:

What is included

• 60 Unique Creature Stencil Shapes
• 1 Spiral Bound Book - Story Ready
• 20 Landscapes (Individual Sheets)
• Water Soluable Ink Pad - 6 colors
• 6 Finger Daubers
• 1 Black Doodle Pen

Return Policy

We are a startup, just getting our feet on the ground, and are currently not accepting returns on products sold. All Sales Final. But we would appreciate constructive feebdack if there is a reason for you wanting to return the product, which you can email to:


Creature Stories was designed around the principle that if you give a child an initial boundary to work within, they will be inspired to fill in the space by adding to it. Versus give them a white canvas with infinite possibilities they will likley feel more intimitated to engage.

Your kid's first book.

Watch your child be inspired as they illustrate & write their first book.

Endless Possibilities

Combine the stencil shapes in endless ways. Use a shape for a head or a body, then add it to another shape to create your creature.

Doodle Away

Mix and match the stencil shapes, then doodle on top to bring your creature to life.